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Extra Flaky Duo Kaya Puff 超香脆双料咖椰角

I used to purchase these duo kaya puffs at a particular shop some time ago. But recently, they have already stopped selling this product. I'm not sure why !  So, what's so special about this duo kaya puff !  The word 'DUO' here means there are actually two different spread of fillings on it, peanut butter jam and kaya jam. And the pastry itself simply irresistible. Super flaky !  And that is why I fell in love with it immediately after my first piece. Too bad it's no longer available. Well, its not a problem at all. I can always make my own version. hehe.... This is definitely another to die for pastry.  Please read on for more.

I am truly blessed that I at least give it a trial. The pastry turns out really amazing.

And here's what I did. (Recipe adapted from here)
Ingredients for pastry dough crust :
250gm  all purpose flour
50gm  cold butter, chopped
130ml  warm water
1 TB sugar
a pinch of salt
100gm   margarine or shortening (I used shortening)
* extra flou…

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